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Piusi Box 24V Basic Portable Fuel Dispenser

The Piusibox 24V Basic is a Portable Fuel Dispenser Integrated with Self-Priming Transfer Pump, Check Valve and Manual Nozzle and Mainly Used for Quick Refueling Operations

The Piusibox is Made from Cast Iron Housing and a Steel Rotor and Shaft. It has a Maximum Capacity of 45 Liters per Minute and a 400 Watts 24 Voltage DC

KWD 95.000

Piusi Cube 70/33 Diesel Fuel Dispenser (Without Pedestal & Hose Kit)

Piusi Cube 56-70-90 is a Diesel Dispenser for Non-Commercial Use that Allows Transferring, Dispensing and Monitoring of Fuel. It can be Applied on Walls, Cisterns and Drums with a Flow Rate of 70 Liters per Minute with 4 Meter Hose Length and 1 Inch Thickness

KWD 270.000

Piusi E80 M Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

The Piusi E80 M is a Volumetric Self-Priming Vane Electric Pump for Diesel Transfer. It is Made from Heavy Duty Cast Iron, and has a Maximum Power of 1 Horsepower Providing a Maximum Capacity of 70 Liters per Minute

KWD 107.000

Viking GG4195 Internal Gear Pump

The Viking GG4195, constructed from robust cast iron and featuring a steel rotor shaft, is classified as an internal gear pump.

Primarily employed in applications dealing with higher viscosity fluids at elevated temperatures, the Viking GG4195 provides a viscosity range spanning from 28 to 15,000 SSU. It operates across a broad temperature spectrum of -40 °C to +150 °C, boasting a maximum pressure capability of 17 Bar. Additionally, the pump maintains a nominal flow rate ranging from 8 to 580 gallons per minute.

KWD 600.000

Piusi EX50 Flammable Liquid Transfer Pump

The Piusi EX50 12V DC is a Flammable Liquid Transfer Pump

It features a compact structure with a Cast Iron Body

The Piusi EX50 is Fitted with Anti-Noise Filter and Thermal Protection and Can Provide a Maximum Capacity of 52 Liters per Minute

KWD 123.000

Piusi K33 Diesel Fuel Meter

The Piusi K33 is a mechanical flow meter designed for accurately measuring the dispensed quantity of oil or fuel. It features a partial indicator with four digits (maximum, 999 liters) and a total indicator with six digits.

KWD 60.000

Piusi STE80 Diesel Transfer Station

The Piusi STE80 is a compact diesel transfer station designed for filling mobile tanks or interfacing with distribution units. It includes an electric-powered pump with a maximum capacity of 80 liters per minute and a 4-meter delivery hose equipped with a heavy-duty nozzle.

KWD 170.000

Viking HJ4195 Internal Gear Pump

The Viking HJ4195 is an Internal Gear Pump that is Made from Heavy Duty Cast Iron and a Steel Rotor Shaft

It is Mainly Used in Applications Involving Higher Viscosity Fluids at High Temperatures

The Viking HJ4195 Offers a Viscosity Range Between 28 to 15,000 SSU a Wide Temperature Range Between -40 °C to +150 °C with a Maximum Pressure of 17 Bar and a Nominal Nominal Flow of 8 - 580 Gallons Per Minute

KWD 600.000

Piusi Easy K400 Metered Nozzle

The Piusi Easy K400 is the perfect synthesis for all the needs of transferring and measuring oils. It is composed by the ergonomic easy oil nozzle and the K400 meter, with flow rate up to 30 liters per minute and working pressure up to 70 bar.

KWD 70.000

Piusi Hose Reel 10X1”

Piusi automatic Diesel Hose Reels for diesel have been designed to ensure high efficiency. The sturdy structure can guarantee the best performance also in heavy-duty conditions, with maximum operating pressure up to 10 Bar and Hose Length Up to 10 meters.

KWD 200.000

Piusi 3.5 940 Oil Piston Pump

The Piusi 3.5 940 is an oil piston pump, suitable for transferring medium viscosity oil over short distances. It is manufactured using selected materials to ensure high performance and durability, with maximum flow rate of 21.5 liters per minute and a working pressure up to 8 bar.

KWD 150.000

Piusi Hose Reel 14X3/4”

Piusi automatic Diesel Hose Reels for diesel have been designed to ensure high efficiency. The sturdy structure can guarantee the best performance also in heavy-duty conditions, with maximum operating pressure up to 10 Bar and Hose Length Up to 14 meters.

KWD 205.000

Piusi Pitstop Diesel Dispenser Pump

The Piusi Pitstop is a diesel dispenser unit with two DC pumps, automatic hose reel, water filter and automatic nozzle with 14 meter hose integrated into a sturdy supporting structure. Easy to install, versatile and compact, this dispenser is the all-in-one solution for setting up a perfect mobile refueling unit with maximum flow rate 45 liters per minute.

KWD 450.000

Piusi Filtrol Diesel Filtering Portable Unit

The Piusi Filtrol is an innovative battery operated diesel filtering portable unit that provides a complete double filtering capacity of any kind of tank while absorbing water and impurities. The built-in sturdy trolley allows the operator to easily handle this device in any condition. It is equipped with suction pipe and integrated bottom valve, with a maximum capacity of 65 liters per minute and a 4 meter long hose.

KWD 340.000

Piusi BP3000 Self Priming Battery Operated Vane Diesel Pump

The Piusi BP3000 is a long-lasting, self-priming battery operated vane diesel pump. Powerful, versatile and compact, it is equipped with a built-in by-pass valve, with maximum capacity of 50 liters per minute.

KWD 52.000

Piusi Automatic Oil Hose Reel

The Piusi Closed Automatic Oil Hose Reel is specifically designed for use in garage and workshop applications within high pressure oil transfer installations. Thanks to its sturdy steel enclosed structure and four way roller system to prevent friction wear to the hose when unrolling, this retractable oil hose reel is made to last even in heavy duty environments. The Piusi closed oil reels also benefit from a hose stop for locking the hose at the desired length and a practical fixed support plate for wall mounting without any fuss with a maximum operating pressure of 60 Bar and a 12 meter long hose.

KWD 170.000