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Internal Gear Pump

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Viking GG4195 Internal Gear Pump

The Viking GG4195, constructed from robust cast iron and featuring a steel rotor shaft, is classified as an internal gear pump.

Primarily employed in applications dealing with higher viscosity fluids at elevated temperatures, the Viking GG4195 provides a viscosity range spanning from 28 to 15,000 SSU. It operates across a broad temperature spectrum of -40 °C to +150 °C, boasting a maximum pressure capability of 17 Bar. Additionally, the pump maintains a nominal flow rate ranging from 8 to 580 gallons per minute.

KWD 600.000

Viking HJ4195 Internal Gear Pump

The Viking HJ4195 is an Internal Gear Pump that is Made from Heavy Duty Cast Iron and a Steel Rotor Shaft

It is Mainly Used in Applications Involving Higher Viscosity Fluids at High Temperatures

The Viking HJ4195 Offers a Viscosity Range Between 28 to 15,000 SSU a Wide Temperature Range Between -40 °C to +150 °C with a Maximum Pressure of 17 Bar and a Nominal Nominal Flow of 8 - 580 Gallons Per Minute

KWD 600.000