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Piusi Box 24V Basic Portable Fuel Dispenser

The Piusibox 24V Basic is a Portable Fuel Dispenser Integrated with Self-Priming Transfer Pump, Check Valve and Manual Nozzle and Mainly Used for Quick Refueling Operations

The Piusibox is Made from Cast Iron Housing and a Steel Rotor and Shaft

It has a Maximum Capacity of 45 Liters per Minute and a 400 Watts 24 Voltage DC

KWD 95.000

Piusi Cube 70/33 Diesel Fuel Dispenser

Piusi Cube 56-70-90 is a Diesel Dispenser for Non-Commercial Use that Allows Transferring, Dispensing and Monitoring of Fuel. It can be Applied on Walls, Cisterns and Drums with a Flow Rate of 70 Liters per Minute with 4 Meter Hose Length and 1 Inch Thickness

KWD 270.000

Piusi E80/M Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump

The Piusi E80 is a Volumetric Self-Priming Vane Electric Pump for Diesel Transfer. It is Made from Heavy Duty Cast Iron, and has a Maximum Power of 1 Horsepower Providing Maximum Capacity of 70 Liters per Minute

KWD 107.000

Piusi EX50 Flammable Liquid Transfer Pump

The Piusi EX50 12V DC is a Flammable Liquid Transfer Pump

It features a compact structure with a Cast Iron Body

The Piusi EX50 is Fitted with Anti-Noise Filter and Thermal Protection and Can Provide a Maximum Capacity of 52 Liters per Minute

KWD 123.000

Piusi K44 Diesel Fuel Meter

Piusi K44 is a Mechanical Flow Meter Suitable for Measuring the Exact Quantity of Dispensed Oil or Fuel

The Piusi K44 has a Partial Indicator with 4 Digits (max. 9999 Liters), with a Total Indicator of 7 Digits

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