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Steam Cleaners

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Lavor GV 3,3 M Plus Dry Steam Cleaner

The Lavor GV 3,3 M Plus is a Dry Steam Cleaner, used Mainly for Sanitizing and Sterilizing any Type of Surfaces

The GV 3,3 M Plus Features a 4.6 Liter Stainless Steel Boiler with 3.3 Kilowatts Capable of Generating Steam at 9 Bar

In Addition, The GV 3,3 M Plus has Device for Using Chemicals and Detergents Mixed with Steam, Steam Regulation and Pressure Gauge

KWD 970.000

Lavor GV Etna 4.1 Dry Steam Vacuum Cleaner

The Lavor GV Etna 4.1 is a Dry Steam Vacuum Cleaner

It Features a Stainless Steel Tank, Stainless Steel Boiler, Chemical Switch, Washable Filter and Steam Warning Lamp

The GV Etna 4.1 has a Boiler Power of 3,000 Watts and Vacuum Motor Power of 1,200 Watts, 65 Liters Water Tank Capacity, 5 Liters Detergent Tank Capacity and 4 Meters Flexible Hose

KWD 725.000

Lavor GV Kone Dry Steam Cleaner

The Lavor GV Kone is a Dry Steam Cleaner, it Sanitizes and Sterilizes Every Surface with Steam Power without the Need for Detergents or Disinfectants

The GV Kone Features an 2.4 Liter Aluminum Boiler with 2.3 Kilowatts Capable of Generating Saturated Steam at 4 Bar

In Addition, The GV Kone has Double Thermostat, Steam Regulation and Full Control Panel with Lamps

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