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Sumitomo Excavators

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Sumitomo SH360HD Hydraulic Excavator

When it comes to conquering heavy-duty excavations with unparalleled might and accuracy, look no further than Sumitomo Excavators.

These formidable machines are engineered to tackle the most demanding tasks in construction, mining, and infrastructure development. The SH360HD comes with an impressive Maximum Operating Weight of 36 Tons and powered by a robust 268 Horsepower Isuzu Diesel Engine, Sumitomo Excavators are your ticket to efficiency and power on the job site.

The SH360HD is equipped with a 1.8 Cubic Meter Bucket that allows for swift material handling and excavation. With a Maximum Dumping Height of 7.14 Meters and a Maximum Digging Height of 10.32 Meters, These excavators can handle vertical challenges effortlessly, making them ideal for multi-story construction and deep excavations.

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